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GSequencer version 4.0.x announcement

Item posted by Joël Krähemann <jkraehemann> on Sat 26 Feb 2022 09:47:43 AM UTC.

Few days ago, I started to migrate to Gtk-4. Actually only AgsPiano and AgsRuler are left to migrate. The library removed following widgets:

  • AgsVIndicator
  • AgsHIndicator
  • AgsVLedArray
  • AgsHLedArray
  • AgsVScale
  • AgsHScale
  • AgsVScaleBox
  • AgsHScaleBox
  • AgsVLevel
  • AgsHLevel
  • AgsVLevelBox
  • AgsHLevelBox

In replacement for these widgets, following widgets implement GtkOrientable interface:

  • AgsIndicator
  • AgsScale
  • AgsLevel

Following widgets inherit from GtkBox, which implements GtkOrientable interface, too:

  • AgsLedArray
  • AgsScaleBox
  • AgsLevelBox

AgsPiano and AgsRuler is probably going to implement GtkOrientable, too.

AgsViewport has been remove, since it is not needed anymore. We can use GtkScrolledWindow with GTK_POLICY_EXTERNAL policy.

To migrate is a big task, I expect at least 1 month of work until we are using the new major release of Gtk.


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