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OpenEXR 1.1.1 released

Item posted by Drew Hess <dhess> on Sat 27 Mar 2004 09:52:50 AM UTC.

The latest development release of OpenEXR, version 1.1.1, has been released.    Note that the tiled file format has changed with this release, so tiled files you created with 1.1.0 are no longer compatible with any other version of OpenEXR.  If you need to convert tiled images created with version 1.1.0 to the new tiled format, please contact us on one of the OpenEXR mailing lists.

You can download OpenEXR 1.1.1 from our downloads page:

Here's the list of major changes in this release:

  * includes Pxr24 compressor, contributed by Pixar Animation Studios. 
    See my previous email to the list or the documentation included in the
    source tarball for details.

  * OpenEXR now supports high dynamic-range YCA (luminance/chroma/alpha) 
    images with subsampled chroma channels.  These files are supported via
    the RGBA convenience interface, so that data is presented to the
    application as RGB(A) but stored in the file as YC(A).  OpenEXR also
    supports Y and YA (black-and-white/black-and-white with alpha) images.

  * Tiled file format is changed in 1.1.1, making 1.1.0 tiled files
    incompatible with all other versions of OpenEXR.  Tiled files in
    the old format can be converted to the new format, contact me for


  * when compiling with gcc, expressions using half are up to 25% faster.
    Other compilers may also experience speedups.

  * exrdisplay has new command-line options for viewing channels other
    than the RGB channels.

  * exrenvmap and exrmaketiled have options to select the compression type
    of the output file.

  * OpenEXR now compiles properly on 64-bit architectures.

  * fixes a few minor bugs and performance issues discovered in 1.1.0.

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