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[Announcement] util-vserver 0.30

Item posted by Enrico Scholz <ensc> on Fri 02 Jul 2004 11:24:21 PM UTC.


I uploaded version 0.30 of util-vserver (stable) to


It is mainly a "make distributors happy" release to avoid usage of
versions labeled as "development". The changes are:

     - BUGFIX: fixed off-by-one error when setting ipv4root; now the
       full 16 IPs can be specified instead of 15 formerly

     - added better detection for the syscall number; this can solve
       problems on non-ix86 architectures where __NR_vserver is not 273

     - BUGFIX/ENHANCEMENTS: the CLI interface of 'reducecap' was fixed
       significantly: now it is possible to remove capabilities like
       CHOWN'. Formerly, only privileged caps like SYS_* or *_ADMIN
       could be removed because of a coding error. Changes in the
       related code are making it possible that both '--CAP_XXX' and
       '--XXX' syntax will be recognized (based on patches and reports
       by Bodo Eggert).

     - cleaned up the documentation and removed unused files

     - "minimum" installation method: added fc1 target, fixed the rh9
       filelist and use '-HS' in the sample.conf (reported by Arne

     - 'distrib-info' knows now how to deal with Debian; vunify &
       related tools should now work there (patch provided by Matthew

     - init-scripts are now a little bit more Debian compliantly
       (Savannah patch #2633; provided by Noèl Köthe)


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