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Gnoppix 0.8.1b4

Item posted by Andreas Mueller <amu> on Tue 28 Sep 2004 09:07:56 PM UTC.

The Gnoppix Project is pleased to announce the first beta of Gnoppix version
0.8.1 Gnoppix is a free operating system, with the gnome desktop environment,
features cryptographic software, is compatible with the FHS v2.2 and supports
software developed for the LSB. Gnoppix 0.8.1-Series comes with Gnome 2.8

You'll find a new 0.8.1beta ( codename Ubuntu ) with bugfixes and Gnome 2.8


md5: cd68984ae836a08aa22f51a47a0431c5 gnoppix_0.8.1b4.iso


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