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Welcome to GetHT

Item posted by Nick White <njw> on Sun 04 Mar 2007 05:17:35 PM UTC.

Well, this news marks the start of the GetHT project (or, more accurately, it's presence outside of my hard drive).
This program aims to be a complete replacement to the Hinduism Today PDF downloader, with some nice, additional features.
The first (preview) release will come quite shortly, hopefully by the 12th March 2007. This will just be a preview release, whithout the GUI.
The program in the repository works quite well now, so the majority of the work to do is on the GUI.
I hope that the first major release with GUI should be out around Easter, all being well.
Any questions, comments, or offers of help would be most gratefully received, and should be directed to the getht-general mailing list. Go to for more information.
So yes, check back regularly for more updates.
Warmest regards,
Nick White

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