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rel 0.12.8, 0.13, 0.14 posted by merkosh, Fri 10 Aug 2007 01:01:56 PM UTC - 0 replies
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rel 0.12.8, 0.13, 0.14

Item posted by Uwe Mayer <merkosh> on Fri 10 Aug 2007 01:01:56 PM UTC.

Its been a long time since an update to moviefly, but here we go:


(not available)

  • fixed: Qt 3 dectection during configure; I changed to M4 macros that are used in KDE; they work much more reliable and do not require special --with-qt-* switches to configure


  • fixed: import from internet scripts: imdb and amazon work again; filmposter-archive is still buggy; they detect the remote host is directly accessing the picture and prevent access. I'll still have to look into that.


  • added: the picture preview window was separated from the list view by a splitter; it is now a docking window, as in AMC. You can dock, undock or hide it
  • fixed: there was a segfault when grouping along empty fields; this is an issue with Qt 3; I introduced a default text to group by.

0.14: (alpha)

  • added: File->Export function; this is scripted using a python port of StringTemplate. Unfortunately the latest version of Python StringTemplate (v2.2) contains a unicode bug and until they fix that, you'll get an error, trying to run the export function.

If you want to patch it, its pretty straight forward:

  • StringTemplate is currently not available as native Debian package, so for now there will be no .deb file for download.
  • The template engine is subject to change; currently the templates are system wide and thus you'll need root privileges to edit them; This is typically not what you want, so I'll have to think about something there.

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