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New release! GetHT 0.0.2

Item posted by Nick White <njw> on Fri 04 Apr 2008 12:34:39 AM UTC.

GetHT 0.0.2 is now out, available for the world to play with.

This release focuses on significant improvements in robustness, stablity and simplicity.

GetHT no longer supports multimedia file downloading, as reverse-engineering the contents files was unsustainable, and many of the multimedia files are now available on the official Hinduism Today website anyway.

There is still only a command-line interface at the moment. Rest assured a graphical one is being worked on, and given patience and / or some kind soul volunteering help it will come in time.

As with the previous release, this is still pretty young software, and as such there are likely a few bugs lurking around. Please report any problems or suggestions to the bug tracker.

There is a mailing list for this project if you're interested, where you can suggest new features, ask questions, and chat about GetHT and Hinduism Today.

So, as with the previous release, it simply remains for me to beseech you to download, enjoy, and please let us know what you think.

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