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Bobot++ 2.2.3 Released

Item posted by Clinton Ebadi <unknown_lamer> on Thu 13 Nov 2008 01:13:12 AM UTC.

Bobot++ 2.2.3 has been released. This is a minor release to remove the dust and make Bobot++ happy with the latest Guile releases and GCC 4.x

- Building with Guile in a non-standard location now works
- Building without Guile now works again
- Building with GCC 4.x now works
  + GCC prior to 4.x's libc headers exported the libc symbols from
    both :: and std:: leading to a few unqualified libc calls sneaking
    into Bobot++'s source
- All uses of the long deprecated GH API have been removed
  + Building against libguile 1.8 built with --disable-deprecated now
  + Building against Guile 1.6 likely no longer works
  + However, building against guile-vm libguile does work and Bobot++
    is the first application built this way
- This will be the last of the 2.2.x series; a 2.3.x series /might/ be
  started to enhance the scripting interface and finish the manual

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