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New home for davfs2

Item posted by - <_71007> on Wed 15 Apr 2009 08:30:40 PM UTC.

The first steps in moving davfs2 to Savannah are done:
The project is approved and the CVS repository is filled with the source tree. It will take some weeks before I can do the first release (1.4.0) on Savannah.

Meanwhile you can always get the latest sources from CVS and build davfs2.

Old versions of davfs2 as well as old submissions to forums, mailing lists and bug trackers will still be available at Sourceforge but development will only happen on Savannah.

Feedback and support requests are welcome at Support.

Why did I move davfs2 from Sourceforge to Savannah?

While I am very grateful to Sourceforge for hosting davfs2 for many years I had two reasons for this step:

  • I wanted to express my commitment to free software as promoted by the Free Software Foundation.
  • As hobbyist programmer, developing davfs2 in my spare time, I need a stable working environment that's not changing every other day to do something useful. I am confident Savannah will provide this.
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