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Version 027 is out.

Item posted by Kaz Kylheku <kkylheku> on Thu 03 Dec 2009 11:41:27 PM UTC.

I've done some code cleanup and fixed one GC-related bug.

The installation prefix now uses the widespread DESTDIR convention. E.g. you can configure with --prefix=/usr, but then do a "make install DESTDIR=temp", which will install everything into the directory temp/usr, from which you can roll up a package. That's how people prepare packages GNU/Linux distros. If you use the --install_prefix configure option, it sets up DESTDIR.

After "make install" you can now do "make install-tests" which will add all of the test cases to the installation, under the usr/share/txr/tests. This "make install-tests" also recursively invokes "make -sn tests" and captures the commands which execute the test cases; these are spun into a script called  Currently, the script requires write access to the directory where the test cases are installed. Ah well; it's a development feature.

make install-tests makes it easy to run the same test as "make tests" but on a cross target system. That's how I found the gc problem; I cross-compiled txr for a MIPS system, made the cross test package, and ran it on a MIPS board.

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