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Version 1.5.0

Item posted by Roman Z. <hut> on Tue 11 Oct 2011 09:02:41 PM UTC.

2011-10-11: Version 1.5.0

  • Full python3.2 compatibility
  • Added new configuration file "rc.conf" which contains a list of commands that are executed on startup - mainly used for keybindings
  • Added --list-unused-keys
  • Added new program handlers to
  • Added pop-up window for keychains and bookmarks
  • Added load_default_rc option
  • Fixed all known unicode issues
  • Fixed crash when $TERM is unknown to the system
  • Fixed scrolling in colored preview
  • Changed the default column_ratios to 1/3/4 and sorting method to "natural"
  • Changed :rename so it doesn't overwrite existing files
  • Internal actions are now accessible as commands
  • Replaced unittests by doctests
  • Replaced integrated help with an extended man page and dynamic lists of keybindings, commands and settings.
  • Removed "" configuration file in favor of "rc.conf"
  • Removed "texas" colorscheme
  • Now able to define programs that only run with Xorg
  • Using parse(self.line) to parse the line is unnecessary now.  parse(self.line).rest(n) is now written as  However, parse(self.line).chunk(n) has been renamed to self.arg(n).
  • parse(self.line) + X is now self.firstpart + X
  • New special attribute "resolve_macros" which decides whether strings like %f should be expanded to the name of the current file, etc.
  • New special attribute "escape_macros_for_shell" to toggle whether or not macros should be escaped, so you can use them in other commands than :shell, for example :edit %f
  • Countless small fixes and improvements

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