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Autoconf support added

Item posted by Roland Winkler <winkler> on Sun 11 Dec 2011 12:34:32 PM UTC.

The build process now uses autoconf. Except for typos and other unintended mistakes an up-to-date installation guide is in the file INSTALL.

To match common naming conventions the autogenerated file bbdb-autoloads.el has been renamed to bbdb-loaddefs.el. This is now the file you need to load in your init file to make BBDB known to your emacs. To avoid unexpected confusion, `make' throws an error if it finds an old file bbdb-autoloads.el.

If you download BBDB from savannah, you need autoconf to start a proper build of BBDB. (The repository does not contain the autogenerated `configure' script that will be distributed with a proper release.) If you do not have autoconf installed, you can compile BBDB using lisp/makefile-temp as a temporary workaround. See INSTALL.

The repository now has a zeroth version of a BBDB info manual, see the ./doc directory. I added these files to the repository at such an early stage of the info manual so that the configure and make files need not be modified once more to add support for the info manual.

The repository now has a directory ./tex with the TeX files required by the command bbdb-print.

BBDB now contains a file lisp/bbdb-ispell.el that provides ispell support for the names in BBDB by exporting these names to your personal ispell dictionaries. Thanks to Ivan Kanis.


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