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Quagga 0.99.17 Released

Item posted by Paul Jakma <paul> on Sun 04 Mar 2012 11:07:25 PM UTC.

Quagga 0.99.17 has been released, and is available in the usual place.

This release provides two important bugfixes, which address remote crash possibility in bgpd discovered by CROSS team.

A short summary of commits is shown below, for more details please look into the full changelog.

  • bgpd:
    • fix handling of AS path data
    • tighten bounds checking in RR ORF msg reader
  • ospfd:
    • Only refresh external default route once.
    • Make sure ospf_distribute_list_update_timer() eventually runs.
    • Make sure all external routes are updated.
  • zebra:
    • fix infinite loop when deleting an interface
  • ospf6d:
    • Fix crash when '[no] ipv6 ospf6 advertise prefix-list' is in startup-config
  • isisd:
    • change ISIS_METHOD to use C preprocessor
  • other:
    • build: ignore mkinstalldirs and texinfo.tex
    • build: Add QuaggaId to README.NetBSD
    • build/extra: Enhance README.NetBSD make/gmake decision.
    • git: add pointers to out-of-tree work
    • git: add (generated) m4 files to .gitignore
    • Update for git and emphasize asking for good reports.
    • doc: fixed spelling in bgpd.texi

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