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Quagga 0.99.18 Released

Item posted by Paul Jakma <paul> on Sun 04 Mar 2012 11:22:35 PM UTC.

Quagga 0.99.18 has been released, and is available in the usual place.

This release fixes 2 denial of services in bgpd, which can be remotely triggered by malformed AS-Pathlimit or Extended-Community attributes. These issues have been assigned CVE-2010-1674 and CVE-2010-1675. Support for AS-Pathlimit has been removed with this release.

The release includes a number of bug-fixes and enhancements, primarily for ospfd, ospf6d and bgpd.

A short summary of commits is shown below, for more details please look into the full changelog.

  • bgpd:
    • Remove AS Path limit/TTL functionality
    • bgpd/security: CVE-2010-1674 Fix crash due to extended-community parser error
    • use Jenkins hash for BGP transit, cluster and attr hashes
    • Remove extra lock on interior table node
    • Fix display of unsigned attributes
    • fix use of free memory by update_rsclient
    • unlock node on aggregate error
    • fix errors in aggregate address command
    • use XCALLOC to allocate bgpd damp array
    • fix bgp_node locking issues
    • improve "monotonic" uptime correction
    • VTY string fixes for debug commands
    • fix handling of "Unsupported Capability"
    • Set from even if binfo->extra is NULL.
    • Simplify process queue init
    • fix community-list error message spelling
    • fix printed value of last-update timestamp
  • ospf6d:
    • Extend the "[no] debug ospf6 route" vty commands
    • Route locking (memory) cleanup
    • Have ospf6d cleanup when it terminates normally
    • Remove obsolete code
    • Fix memory allocation issues in SPF
    • fix crash in SPF calculation
  • ripd:
    • resolve debug statements issue (bug 442)
  • ripngd:
    • copy debug statements fix from ripd
  • ospfd:
    • Remove oi field from LSA, have network_lsa_refresh look up when needed
    • potential fix for router-id change assert on refresh cleanup patch
    • Fix maxage/flush to not try flood twice, remember maxages for longer
    • Unify router and network LSA refresh logic with general refresher
    • Remember network LSA sequence numbers across up/downs of an interface
    • Prioritise hellos for sending by queueing to head of output buffer
    • Reset neighbour inactivity timer for any packet arrival
    • the maxage_lsa_remover should check whether it needs to yield the cpu
    • Fix various route_unlock discrepencies
    • fix lsa_refresh_walker unlock before use bug
    • interface code should leave  network_lsa_self alone
    • OSPF_MIN_LS_ARRIVAL compare should be >= to match ospf_flood
    • ospf_if_free can leave dangling references on ISM events - cancel them
    • Lower level of some common messages from info to debug
  • lib:
    • zclient: fix router-id calculation for IPv6 (#595)
    • lib: zlog should clean up its memory
    • lib: Add a function to delete all interfaces
    • lib: Better hashing of string values using Bernstein hash
    • lib: Fix accounting of memory
    • lib: Fix bug in prefix trie lookup
    • lib: prefix.c nano-optimisation
    • lib: Make workqueue more conservative about ramping up
    • lib: Add a command to clear the thread CPU history data
    • lib: Thread scheduler should be fair and not let events starve I/O and timers
    • lib: thread history funcname shouldn\'t be constant, it\'s freed
    • bgpd, lib: adopt afi_t and safi_t in several places
    • lib/vty.c: add missing format string when printing out motd message
    • Document rules for zalloc and friends.
  • zebra:
    • Zebra zserv: bogus conditional

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