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Quagga 0.99.21 Released

Item posted by David Lamparter <equinox> on Tue 01 May 2012 09:11:07 PM UTC.

Quagga 0.99.21 has been released, and is available in the usual place.

There are some major user-visible changes:

  • [bgpd] BGP multipath support has been merged
  • [bgpd] SAFI (Multicast topology) support has been extended to propagate the topology to zebra.
  • [bgpd] AS path limit functionality has been removed
  • [babeld] a new routing daemon implementing the BABEL ad-hoc mesh routing protocol has been merged.
  • [isisd] a major overhaul has been picked up. Please note that isisd is STILL NOT SUITABLE FOR PRODUCTION USE.
  • [*] a lot of bugs have been fixed, please refer to the git log

The number of bugfixes and changes in this release is quite large at 446
commits, though some commits are counted twice due to a merge of Denis
Ovsienko's RE branch some time ago.  (Previous releases had around 50
commits each.)

All users are advised to upgrade.

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