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AKFAvatar 0.22.1

Item posted by Andreas K. Förster <akf> on Tue 28 Aug 2012 01:51:21 PM UTC.

AKFAvatar 0.22.1 released

This is a major update.
There are a lot of changes in the APIs. Also the ABI was changed.

  • Window is resizable again (content gets centered)
  • The image can be a separated banner as header or footer
  • Uses Lua-5.2 now, no longer compatible with 5.1
  • Lua modules don't define globals anymore (scripts have to be adapted!)
  • Data files are put in a separate directory and Lua has a search function for it (scripts have to be adapted!)
  • the function for translations is integrated in Lua-AKFAvatar (scripts have to be adapted!)
  • Audio files can be played while loading
  • Support for audio-files with up to 32 bit (converted to 16 bit internally)
  • Support for wave files with µ-law and A-law encoding
  • regression: ADPCM encodings are no longer supported for wave files
  • Some more audio files
  • the command lua-akfavatar accepts options for fullscreen mode
  • The pager supports horizontal scrolling
  • The pager supports the markup mode
  • The pager supports formfeeds and separator control codes
  • The terminal emulation uses better colors for black backgroud
  • multiply.pas cannot be compiled without AKFAvatar anymore (simplified)
  • regression: in XPM-files named colors are not supported anymore; they are rarely used anyway
  • the script about2html supports overstrike and page breaks
  • configure accepts the option --disable-deprecated

C-API changes:

  • uses size_t where appropriete (ABI change!)
  • avt_start replaces avt_initialize
  • avt_start_audio replaces avt_initialize_audio
  • avt_avatar_image_default, avt_avatar_image_none, avt_avatar_image_xpm, avt_avatar_image_xbm, avt_avatar_image_data, avt_avatar_image_file replace the avt_import_* functions
  • avt_audio_t renamed to avt_audio
  • avt_prepare_raw_audio, avt_add_raw_audio_data, avt_finalize_raw_audio replace avt_load_raw_audio_data
  • avt_get_font_char replaces get_font_char
  • avt_get_font_dimensions replaces avt_get_font_size
  • functions with changed API (color value): avt_set_background_color, avt_get_background_color, avt_set_balloon_color, avt_set_text_color, avt_set_text_background_color
  • new functions/macros: avt_get_balloon_color, avt_set_avatar_mode, avt_load_audio_part, avt_rgb, avt_red, avt_green, avt_blue, avt_colorname, avt_palette, avt_finalize_raw_audio, avt_put_raw_image_file, avt_put_raw_image_stream, avt_put_raw_image_data, avt_put_raw_image_xpm, avt_set_bitmap_color
  • fixed avt_show_image_stream, avt_import_image_stream
  • avt_key(ch): ch may be NULL
  • deprecated or removed functions: avt_initialize, avt_default, avt_import_xpm, avt_import_xbm, avt_import_gimp_image, avt_import_image_data, avt_import_image_file, avt_import_image_stream, avt_change_avatar_image, avt_make_transparent, avt_free_image, avt_initialize_audio, avt_set_background_color, avt_set_background_color_name, avt_get_background_color, avt_set_balloon_color, avt_set_balloon_color_name, avt_set_text_background_color, avt_set_text_background_color_name, avt_name_to_color, avt_get_color_name, avt_get_color
  • avtaddons:
    • avtmsg section removed - make your own messages
    • avta_filter_t renamed to avt_filter
    • avta_get_file: removed
    • avta_arch_get_member: new function
    • avta_arch_get_data: rewritten
    • avta_load_vorbis_file, avta_load_vorbis_data: parameter for playing immediately
    • avta_load_vorbis_stream: new function
    • avta_get_language: new function

Lua-API changes:

  • avt.initialize removed, use avt.start instead
  • avt.initialized renamed to avt.started
  • avt.initialize_audio renamed to avt.start_audio
  • avt.change_avatar_image renamed to avt.avatar_image, for files you have to use the new function avt.avatar_image_file
  • avt.show_image_string renamed to avt.show_image
  • the functions avt.avatar_image and avt.show_image support a table with strings from XPM data
  • avt.load_audio_string and avt.load_base_audio_string were renamed to avt.load_audio and avt.load_base_audio
  • avt.load_audio_file, avt.load_audio_stream, avt.load_audio have a new parameter for playing immediately
  • avt.title is an alias for avt.set_title
  • new functions: avt.set_avatar_mode, avt.avatar_image_file, avt.delay,, avt.load_audio_stream, avt.translate, avt.set_bitmap_color
  • new variables: avt.datapath, avt.language
  • Module "akfavatar-graphic"
    • gr:new accepts name for background color
    • gr:put optimized for same width, position is optional now
    • gr:font_size additionally returns the baseline
    • new methods: gr:shift_vertically, gr:shift_horizontally, gr:put_transparency, gr:put_file, gr:put_image
  • Module ""
    • ar:dolua replaced with ar:loadlua
  • Module akfavatar-vorbis:
    • new function vorbis.load_stream

Pascal-API changes:

  • AvatarImageFile, AvatarImageData, AvatarImageXPM, AvatarImageXBM initialize the library now
  • Parameter playmode for LoadSoundFile, LoadSoundData and PlaySound
  • new functions: AvatarImageDefault, AvatarImageNone, SetBalloonMode

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