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AKFAvatar 0.23.0

Item posted by Andreas K. Förster <akf> on Sun 23 Dec 2012 07:20:59 PM UTC.

AKFAvatar 0.23.0 released.

The code was made less dependend on SDL. There is a new experimantal backend for a Linux framebuffer device, but without mouse support or audio (of course you can call an external audio-player in your scripts).

  • bugfix: fix for XPM images with more than 256 colors
  • bugfix: lua-akfavatar also resets the charset
  • bugfix/change: lua-akfavatar option -l sets a global variable
  • avt_update() is much faster
  • support for combining characters (Unicode)
  • The pager supports numbers (number-pad when NumLock is on)
  • lua/interactive_lua.lua supports scrolling back in a history list
  • regression: the navigation bar cannot handle the pause key anymore
  • key codes have been changed not to conflict with the "corporate zone"

C-API changes:

  • all deprecated functions removed
  • also removed: avt_register_keyhandler, avt_register_mousehandler
  • avt_update() is much faster
  • avt_get_key replaces avt_key
  • modified: avt_show_raw_image, avt_put_raw_image_file, avt_put_raw_image_stream, avt_put_raw_image_data, avt_put_raw_image_xpm  don't have the bpp parameter anymore, only 4 Bytes per pixel accepted
  • new functions: avt_key_pressed, avt_push_key, avt_clear_keys, avt_set_audio_end_key, avt_combining, avt_bell_function
  • new experimental functions: avt_set_pointer_buttons_key, avt_set_pointer_motion_key, avt_get_pointer_position, avt_char avt_input, avt_input_mb
  • new macro: avt_elapsed

Lua-API changes:

  • the function avt.ask was extended (yet undocumented)
  • new functions: avt.combining, avt.key_pressed, avt.clear_keys, avt.push_key, avt.set_audio_end_key, avt.alert, avt.getcwd
  • new table: avt.key with key codes

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