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Quagga 0.99.22 Released

Item posted by David Lamparter <equinox> on Mon 11 Feb 2013 01:21:58 PM UTC.

Quagga 0.99.22 has been released, and is available in the usual place. All users are advised to upgrade.

This release announcement contains a list of user-visible changes, known issues, and an update to the PGP key - please click Read More below to read the entire announcement.

These are the major user-visible changes:

  • [bgpd] The semantics of default-originate route-map have changed.
    • The route-map is now used to advertise the default route conditionally. The old behaviour which allowed to set attributes on the originated default route is no longer supported.
  • [bgpd] There is now a replace-as option to neighbor ... local-as ... no-prepend.  For details, refer to the user documentation.
  • [zebra] An FPM interface has been added.  This provides an alternate interface to routing information and is geared at OpenFlow & co.
  • [snmp] AgentX is now supported;  the old smux backend is considered deprecated.  ospf6d has also had OSPFV3-MIB added.
  • [*] several issues with configuration save/load/apply have been fixed, in particular on ospf "max-metric router-lsa administrative" and "distribute-list", bgpd "no neighbor activate", isisd "metric-style",
  • [*] a lot of bugs have been fixed, please refer to the git log

Known issues at this point are:

  • bgpd:
    • this version of bgpd implements draft-idr-error-handling. This was added in 0.99.21 and may not be desirable.  If you need a version without this behaviour, please use  There will be a runtime configuration switch for this in future versions.
  • ospfd:
    • LSAs may not be flushed correctly after MaxAge is reached and they're no longer needed for synchronization
  • isisd:
    • isisd is in "beta" state.  Please supervise closely and report bugs.
    • there have been undetailed issues in bringing up adjacencies for IPv6
    • special care is needed on non-Linux platforms due to OS-specific raw packet access backends that did not receive much testing.
  • ospf6d:
    • ospf6d is in "alpha/experimental" state.
    • there are at least 2 network-triggerable assert failures that will cause the daemon to exit.  Do not use ospf6d on untrusted networks and test your configuration in a testbed.
    • there is a known lockup condition where ospf6d will stop doing any kind of processing without exiting.
    • the neighbor state machine can get stuck on links involving 3 or more OSPFv3 speakers, needing an ospf6d restart to resume operation.
    • area support is broken/nonexistent

A major overhaul of ospf6d has already been started and is scheduled for integration.

The PGP key used to sign this release has changed.  You can find the new key on keyservers and on the Savannah download filespace at  Here's the short blob:

pub   3072D/54CD2E60 2013-02-10
      Key fingerprint = F89C E71D AB87 170B CFE4  B08F 8050 270E 54CD 2E60
uid                  Quagga Maintainers <>
uid                  Quagga Security <>
sub   2048D/9FF39DA1 2013-02-10 [expires: 2014-01-01]
sub   2048g/6A7A2168 2013-02-10 [expires: 2014-01-01]

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