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Enhanced Bug Tracking System

Item posted by Loïc Dachary <loic> on Fri 07 Jun 2002 08:56:37 AM UTC.

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new Savannah Bug Tracking System (BTS). We know this service has been long awaited by many Savannah users. We intended to integrate the web interface of GNATs but it has taken longer than expected. We also planned to rewrite Savannah based on phpGroupWare but it's not happening yet.

The reason for not activating the BTS that existed in the original SourceForge code used to setup Savannah was the lack of resources to maintain the code base. Fortunately, Laurent Julliard changed this state of things. As part of his work with Xerox he participated in the installation of a worldwide internal source code-sharing infrastructure called CodeX (Code eXchange).  CodeX uses the same code base as Savannah (SourceForge-2.0), with constant improvements having been made over the past year.

In response to Laurent Julliard's prompting, Xerox has recently decided to contribute contribute all their changes back to the Free Software community via Savannah. This allows Savannah to benefit from a revived code base and allows it to enable features that were previously deactivated because of the lack of resources. The new Bug Tracking System is the first significant contribution from Xerox. Others will follow.

While Xerox is the copyright holder of the modifications to the SourceForge code base, the FSF received official documents stating that these modifications are released under the GNU GPL. Of course, Laurent Julliard, like any other volunteer contributing to Savannah may become less active in the future and someone else will have to continue the maintenance of the code base. But the important point is that the improvements integrated into Savannah when this happens will still be available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

For those of you who are familiar with the original SourceForge BTS, this one comes with many new features:

New Administration Features
(See the Bugs -> Admin section)

- Many new bug fields available (size, effort, reproducibility, fixed release, platform version, component version...). Use them in your project only if you decide to.

- Project administrators can decide what fields to use. The position of a bug field in the bug submission or bug modification forms is also configurable.

- Ability to define a list of predefined values for many of these fields.

- Ability to define project-wide or personal "Bug reports". Bug reports allow you to choose the set of selection criteria you want to use when searching the bug database and what bug fields must appear in the results table. The definition of bug report templates used in conjunction with the CodeX bookmark facility gives you the ability to generate highly customized bug reports that you can play on request by a simple mouse click.

- You can define an introductory message that will appear on the bug submission form

New End User Features

- All follow-up comments attached to a bug can be assigned a comment type (e.g. WorkAround, Test Case, Bug Analysis,...). The comment types are project definable and allows you to qualify the nature of a comment.

- Email notification sent on bug updates clearly summarizes what has changed in the bug

- Files can be attached to bugs (useful to attach screenshots, crash dump information, etc.)

- A very powerful search facility:

  . Bug fields with integer values (e.g Bug ID) and float values (e.g. Effort in hours) can be searched by specifying a given value or a range.

  . Text fields (e.g summary) can be searched by keywords or regular expression

  . Date fields (e.g Closed on) can also be searched by specifying a given date or a time window.

- Ability to sort the result of a bug search either in ascending or descending order.

- Multi-column sort is now possible. As an example you can now sort your bugs by Severity and for each Severity level by owner.

- The number of retrieved bugs displayed at once on the screen can be configured.

- By bookmarking the page of a bug search, you'll be able to play the exact same query again and again with a simple mouse click.

- A printer friendly version of the bug report is available at the click of a mouse making it easy to print nice reports.

Other enhancements

- An online help system is available in many places. Click on any '(?)' sign in a web page to browse contextual help.

The new BTS has been tested for some time now on Savannah and it works well. To activate the new BTS for your project go to your Project Admin -> Edit Public Info and check the Bug checkbox.

We hope you'll all enjoy the new BTS. And as usual we welcome your feedback and comments.

Contact names:
- Loic Dachary, GNU, Savannah Project Leader (
- Laurent Julliard, Xerox, CodeX Manager (

Could you sort bugs by summit date descend ? (posted by Che, Dong, Sat 24 Aug 2002 07:19:07 PM UTC)

Could you sort bugs by summit date descend by default?

and I think savannah should monitor the sourceforge's bugs
for many bug in sourcefogre2.0 also affect savannah



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