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Version 1.6.0

Item posted by Roman Z. <hut> on Fri 22 Feb 2013 11:10:09 PM UTC.

2013-02-22: Version 1.6.0

  • Overhauled all config files.  Please update them or use the --clean switch
  • Added "examples/" directory to source code which contains sample programs or plugins that can be used together with ranger
  • Added progress bars to copying, moving and directory loading processes
  • Added feature to draw images inside the console using w3mimgdisplay (you need to add "set preview_images true" in rc.conf)
  • Added a plugin system like in the program "anki", i.e. place any python file into ~/.config/ranger/plugins/ and it will be imported by ranger
  • Added a separate file launcher named "rifle" that is configured through rifle.conf and is installed as a standalone program. Using "ranger [filename]" from the shell for opening files is deprecated now, please use "rifle [filename]" instead.
  • Added "uq" keybinding to undo closed tabs
  • Added :setlocal command to change settings for specific directories only
  • Added :travel command to move more quickly to your destination
  • Added 256 color support for
  • Added a real yes/no prompt for :delete command
  • Added settings: confirm_on_delete, draw_progress_bar_in_status_bar, preview_images, status_bar_on_top, update_tmux_title
  • Added commands: :mark_tag, :unmark_tag
  • Added BSD-friendly setsid implementation
  • Added as-you-type filtering for :filter command
  • Replaced "" file by :set commands in rc.conf
  • Replaced "" file with rifle.conf
  • Improved "r" key to interface with rifle
  • Rewritten "" in POSIX shell
  • Changed copying/moving code to work without GNU coreutils
  • Changed key to untag files from "T" to "ut"
  • Changed the flag "d" (for detached) to "f" (for fork) in program launcher
  • Changed appearance of keybinding-hints and bookmarks
  • Changed tabs with 4 spaces in the source code (see PEP 8)
  • Removed ranger.core.environment class
  • Removed settings: colorscheme_overlay, draw_bookmark_borders, init_function, load_default_rc
  • Fixed zombie process apocalypse
  • Fixed draw_borders=true in combination with padding_right=false

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