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Happy new year!

Item posted by Kristoffer Grönlund <krig> on Fri 03 Jan 2014 01:29:51 PM UTC.

It's now 2014, and development for the next major version of crmsh is under way. The documentation on the web site has been updated to
reflect this, and a copy of the documentation for the current stable version (1.2.6) can be found here.

On the web site, there is also a new Guides & Tutorials section, with a first tutorial on
Resource testing, by Dejan. The plan is to keep adding tutorials and guides like this, especially as we add more and more new features for the new version!

The crm shell is, at this point, a stable and well-known project with an interface that is familiar and comfortable to use by many people. We don't want to break that, but are focusing on a few main aspects for improvement in the next major release:

  • Cleaning up the configuration syntax, making the use of crmsh to configure new clusters even easier. The configuration parser has been redesigned from scratch, to be able to provide clearer error messages and easily support new features.

  • Expanding the scope of crmsh beyond just configuring Pacemaker to enabling the configuration and management of the whole cluster. This means adding support for managing corosync, integrating reporting functionality, cluster and node health monitoring and more.

  • Adding tests, both integration tests and unit tests, with the goal of having 100% feature coverage before the release of the next major version.

There are also numerous smaller improvements and fixes already in the development tree, like improved syntax highlighting of the help text,
full bash completion for all commands and a new and more powerful configuration file format.

I'll keep posting updates as work on the new features progresses. As usual, any feedback, patches, help or comments are more than welcome!

// Kristoffer


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