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Version 1.7.0

Item posted by Roman Z. <hut> on Tue 14 Apr 2015 12:29:03 AM UTC.

2015-04-13: Version 1.7.0

  • The default editor is now "vim" instead of "nano" [unless you use the emacs branch where the default editor is, of course, "emacs"]
  • Added automatic updates of tags when a file is renamed from within ranger
  • Added "preview_images_method" which can be set to "iterm2" to use native iTerm2 image previews
  • Added ":rename_append" command to rename files without the file extension
  • Added ":linemode" command to change the way the files are displayed. Try this out by pressing M followed by one of the suggested keys. New linemodes can be added with ranger.api.register_linemode().
  • Added ":filter_by_inode" command to only show directories, files or links
  • Added ":meta" command for managing custom file metadata
  • Added ":flat" command for displaying subdirectories
  • Added "solarized" colorscheme
  • Added generic ability to use for image previews
  • Added video previews in
  • Added option "sort_unicode" to sort according to unicode, not ASCII
  • ":mkdir" can now create multiple directory levels (like `mkdir -p`)
  • ":help" (key binding "?") is now interactive
  • ":find" (key binding "/") is now case insensitive by default
  • "ranger --copy-config=all" now copies a short sample rather than the full one, so that you can update ranger without having broken commands. The full is still copied to ~/.config/ranger/
  • Fixed broken copying of symlinks

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