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New release of RAPP: 0.8

Item posted by Hans-Peter Nilsson <hpataxis> on Tue 31 May 2016 11:21:17 PM UTC.

The RAPP project is proud to announce a new release of RAPP,
A tarball is available at

From NEWS:

  • Pixelwise conditional thresholding: the threshold arguments can now be not just scalars, but images, holding threshold values for individual pixels: rapp_thresh_gt_pixel_u8, rapp_thresh_lt_pixel_u8, rapp_thresh_gtlt_pixel_u8, rapp_thresh_ltgt_pixel_u8.
  • Pixelwise conditional operations: a scalar constant or a separate image can now be added to an image, conditional on a binary map image: rapp_cond_addc_u8, rapp_cond_add_u8.
  • New convenience function: rapp_validate_buffer.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Bug #40264, rapp_main.h misses the closing } for extern "C".
    • Bug #39396, incorrect overlap check for rapp_thresh_gt_u8, rapp_thresh_lt_u8, rapp_thresh_gtlt_u8, and rapp_thresh_ltgt_u8.

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