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Quagga 1.2.1 release

Item posted by Paul Jakma <paul> on Fri 10 Mar 2017 01:39:20 PM UTC.

This is a minor release, with a small number of fixes. Available from the
usual place:

Code fixes:

  • ospfd: address ospf_schedule_abr_task() warning
  • ospfd: fix NSSA LSA translation (BZ#493)
  • zebra: Make the --nl-bufsize arg set the input parse buffer too
  • vtysh: Bug 789 - vtysh ripngd does not have distribute-list command

The NSSA fix is partial, there are still issues, see:

Redhat/Fedora/RPM packaging issue fixes:

  • distro/redhat: Update to F24 and fix few issues, add nhrpd.service
  • redhat/systemd: various service file improvements
  • distro/redhat: package nhrpd
  • redhat: Add quagga user to quaggavt vty group by default, bug #937

Solaris/illumos (OpenIndiana, OmniOS) packaging and SMF fixes:

  • solaris: Fix shell errors

Build related fixes and tweaks, primarily to fix issues blocking clean
builds on the buildbot. Those of wider interest:

  • configure: Add commonly used GCC security flags
  • nhrpd: workaround old kernel vs. glibc definition conflics

And some documentation updated, buildbot related, and:

  • doc: Add a nice CSS file for HTML texinfo
  • HACKING: git diff ... | buildbot try example
  • HACKING: example config for buildbot client and usage for 'try' command
  • doc: make netmasks in 4.3 Static Route Commands the same

With thanks to:

Jakub Zawadzki <>
Michal Sekletar <>
Timo Teräs <>
Brian Utterback <>
Timo Schöler <>
Denis Ovsienko <>
Svata Dedic <>
Konstantin <>
Dmitry Melekhov <>

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