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GSequencer first major release 1.0.0

Item posted by Joël Krähemann <jkraehemann> on Sun 01 Oct 2017 05:41:43 AM UTC.

September 29th at 23:10 the first major release 1.0.0 was built. It was definitely time to do so. However I didn't implement everything I wanted. The goals like remote control is scheduled for a later release. Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer does at a glance:

  • save or open Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer XML files with XPath support
  • add or remove audio engines with adjustable audio channels and pads
  • link channels with property dialog
  • output panel, mixer, drum and matrix sequencer, soft synth and audio file player
  • piano roll with basic notation editing supporting copy & paste
  • automation editor
  • adjustable BPM
  • LADSPA, DSSI and Lv2 support
  • export to WAV, FLAC and OGG
  • multiple sinks like Pulseaudio, JACK, ALSA and OSS
  • import/export to Standard MIDI Files
  • MIDI instrument input

An unspectacular changelog for v1.0.0

Thought I am still not sure if everything works as expected, most of the changes had to be fulfilled.

  • implemented :thread-pool property of AgsReturnableThread
  • implemented :max-precision of AgsThread
  • implemented configuration option of thread's max-precision property
  • implemented sticky controls
  • improved LV2UI plugin support to set controls value
  • fixed wrecked widget allocation of AgsEditor and AgsAutomationEditor

XMLRPC prototypes

It didn't change much since the beta release. However the routines for remote control are yet available.

  • ags/server/ags_registry.h
  • ags/server/ags_service_provider.h
  • ags/server/ags_server.h
  • ags/server/ags_server_application_context.h
  • ags/server/ags_server_status.h
  • ags/server/controller/ags_controller.h
  • ags/server/controller/ags_front_controller.h
  • ags/server/controller/ags_local_registry_controller.h
  • ags/server/controller/ags_local_serialization_controller.h
  • ags/server/controller/ags_local_task_controller.h
  • ags/server/controller/ags_local_factory_controller.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_certificate_manager.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_xml_password_store.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_authentication.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_authentication_manager.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_password_store.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_security_context.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_xml_certificate.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_xml_authentication.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_password_store_manager.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_business_group.h
  • ags/server/security/ags_certificate.h
  • ags/server/thread/ags_remote_task.h
  • ags/server/thread/ags_remote_task_thread.h

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