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It was never so easy ...

Item posted by Joël Krähemann <jkraehemann> on Wed 16 May 2018 09:57:42 PM UTC.

The new function and better segmentation seems to pay off. Especially the AgsSoundScope enumeration has a great impact in the amount of lines of code.

If we look at AgsCancelAudio task, we recognize it is much shorter, now.

gint i;

for(i = 0; i < AGS_SOUND_SCOPE_LAST; i++){
  /* cancel */
                                i, staging_flags);

  /* stop audio thread */

  /* stop channel thread and unset recall id */
  list = list_start;

  while(list != NULL){


    list = list->next;

This switches playback off for all sound scopes and it is really short.

Revising tasks

Take a look at the removed tasks:

deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_add_point_to_selection.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_add_point_to_selection.h
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_add_recall.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_add_recall.h
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_add_recall_container.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_add_recall_container.h
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_add_region_to_selection.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_add_region_to_selection.h
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_append_audio_threaded.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_append_audio_threaded.h
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_append_recall.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_append_recall.h
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_cancel_recall.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_cancel_recall.h
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_remove_point_from_selection.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_remove_point_from_selection.h
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_remove_recall.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_remove_recall.h
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_remove_recall_container.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_remove_recall_container.h
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_remove_region_from_selection.c
deleted:    ags/audio/task/ags_remove_region_from_selection.h

The tasks AgsAppendAudio and AgsAppendChannel just have got renamed to a more meaningful name.

renamed:    ags/audio/task/ags_append_audio.c -> ags/audio/task/ags_play_audio.c
renamed:    ags/audio/task/ags_append_audio.h -> ags/audio/task/ags_play_audio.h
renamed:    ags/audio/task/ags_append_channel.c -> ags/audio/task/ags_play_channel.c
renamed:    ags/audio/task/ags_append_channel.h -> ags/audio/task/ags_play_channel.h

Might be that I change even more but unsure about this. Today, I just started to revise the tasks.

By Joël

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