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fixed ref-count

Item posted by Joël Krähemann <jkraehemann> on Sat 09 Feb 2019 02:46:41 PM UTC.

The following code snipped is from GLib-2.0 API Reference Manual:

gint intval;
gchar *strval;
GObject *objval;

g_object_get (my_object,
              "int-property", &intval,
              "str-property", &strval,
              "obj-property", &objval,

// Do something with intval, strval, objval

g_free (strval);
g_object_unref (objval);

As you might have recognized objval needs a call to g_object_unref() after retrieving using g_object_get().

I was not aware of this.

Reworked all properties

The rework of all properties was just done, it took 3 days. For properties returning GList containing objects, you need to call g_object_unref, now.

Here you see the AgsAudio:play get property:

    pthread_mutex_t *play_mutex;

    /* get play mutex */

    play_mutex = audio->play_mutex;


    /*  */

                                         (GCopyFunc) g_object_ref,


by Joël

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