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handling LV2 iriref

Item posted by Joël Krähemann <jkraehemann> on Wed 13 Feb 2019 10:20:49 AM UTC.

GSequencer does't handle the RDF Turtle iriref correct. At this time, I just lookup some known irirefs using XPath. This causes the application not to detect some supported resources. Like Gtk+-2.0 user interfaces.

This is the XPath currently used:

xpath = .//rdf-pname-ln[text()='uiext:ui']/ancestor::*[self::rdf-verb][1]/following-sibling::*[self::rdf-object-list][1]//rdf-iriref";

I need to change it something like:

xpath = g_strdup_printf(.//rdf-pname-ln[text()='%s:ui']/ancestor::*[self::rdf-verb][1]/following-sibling::*[self::rdf-object-list][1]//rdf-iriref", ui_iriref);

Whereas ui_iriref variable is parsed by prefixed name XML element.

by Joël

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