Savannah: gnu vs. nongnu

Savannah exists in two hypostasei: and This page summarizes their relations.


Accounts and their settings are shared for both websites; the log in page offers an option to log in both websites simultaneously; the "logout" link closes the session for both websites.

Group web UI area

Group pages and trackers are accessible both via and; depending on the group type, the request is redirected to the right website.

Sometimes groups migrate from one website to the other (typically, when a package becomes official GNU software).

Home pages

Web pages are managed with CVS; the URL they are visited under depend on group type: webpages for GNU software is normally available at, webpages of non-GNU software are located at See also: Translation teams.

Mailing lists

Normally, mailing lists for GNU groups use, mailing lists for non-GNU groups use

Download area

GNU packages release their files at; non-GNU groups use Savannah download area.

Version control systems

This area is shared, all repositories are available both via gnu and nongnu URLs.

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