Mailing List Notes

gnu-prog[+discuss] subscription requests?

Membership in the gnu-prog and gnu-prog-discuss mailing lists is restricted to direct GNU contributors, and thus moderated.

Question: Is there a recipe for knowing when to approve and when to discard subscription requests?

Answer from Karl:

  1. If the person is in the fp:/gd/gnuorg/maintainers file,
    • ok to approve.
  2. If the person has an account on fencepost,
    • ok to approve.
  3. If the person is a member of GNU (not nongnu) package on Savannah,
    • ok to approve.
  4. When in doubt, ask before approving.

gnu-prog posting

All members of gnu-prog should remain moderated. Postings should be approved if they are announcements intended for the whole GNU community. Replies should be discarded; they should go to gnu-prog-discuss, which should happen automatically, but sometimes doesn't.

gnu-prog-discuss posting

gnu-prog-discuss is a normal discussion list, with the exception of the restricted membership. Alternate addresses for members should be approved for posting, etc. Replies are ok.

As described in the maintainers guide, it is best if neither gnu-prog nor gnu-prog-discuss are ever included in cross-postings including other lists, or people not on the lists, but humans being human, sometimes that happens, and it's ok to approve such posts for gnu-prog-discuss, but not gnu-prog. Messages to gnu-prog should be specifically and only to gnu-prog.

info-gnu posting

info-gnu is a public list for announcements of interest to anyone using GNU software, new official releases of GNU packages and, very occasionally, for beta releases. Announcements of non-GNU packages or other non-GNU activities are not accepted. Replies should be discarded.

Furthermore, announcements, even of GNU releases, should follow the usual terminology for GNU community, such as "free software" and not "open source". Such posts should be returned to the poster with an explanation; all GNU authors should be familiar with them and be following them already but, humans being human, sometimes they don't. These rules are explicated in the maintainers guide; if you are not comfortable with applying them, do not touch the list.

Subscription to info-gnu is open. Members should remain moderated so that each post can be read by a human before approving.

Hands-Off Lists

The following lists is a copy of the master list which will have the automated listhelper SpamAssassin anti-spam discard action but will not have any messages approved by the listhelper team. All approval action is reserved for their respective list owners. The master copy lives on in the now misnamed fsf-lists file in the listhelper "work to be done" page. See it for the full copy. This is a snapshot.

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  • emacs-orgmode
  • esp
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