Version control systems: generics and basics

Groups are added to Savannah with no repositories; in order to create them, version control systems should be enabled on the 'Select Features' page ( available to the administrators of the group.

Repositories are then created in a cron job, see update delays.

Only one repository per group is supported except Git; for Git, Savannah admins can create additional repositories on request of the group.

For basic directions on each VCS, visit the "VCS_name Repository" link in "Developer tools" on the main page of the group, or "Use VCS_name" in the menu bar of the group.

Additionally, we provide rsync read-only access to the raw repository files.

We generally don't remove existing repositories; when they are disabled, the group stops advertising them, but the repositories are still accessible. Savannah admins can remove them from the server when we have really compelling reasons.

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