Web UI overview

This is a one-page overview of Savane Web UI; more detailed info about every item should be provided next to it on its page.

Side bar

Links related to login or to account (for logged in users); browsing settings; search for groups, people, tracker items; new group registration, requests for help, statistics; documentation and site support; and a few more.

Top menu

Links specific to the context: account, group &c.


Account menu includes lists of items the user is interested in, as well as managment of user's votes, groups, bookmarks and general "Account conf" with a control for deleting the account.

When an account is a member of any group, the user can fill the "Resume" field; until then, the user can only show the "Skills" table.

See also: AccountCredentials.


Public info

Group public info can be edited by group admins; it consists of group descriptions (short and longer), development status, license (writable only for Savannah admins), release GnuPG keys.


Group admins can post requests for help ("Jobs"), they will be displayed under the "Contributors Wanted" link.


Every group may have bug, task, and support trackers; the patch tracker is technically deprecated. These trackers are essentially instances of the same facility filled for every tracker with its own data.

The trackers are highly configurable: group admins can customize preambles shown to the user when adding items, comments and files, used fields, field values (including "canned responses"), query forms, notifications, to say nothing of the permissions.

Historically, groups also had cookbook (recipes). That tracker had different features: in particular, the "original submission" could be edited. As of 2022, adding new recipes isn't supported.


Group members can submit news; group admins then review and approve or delete them. If the news is approved, it shows up on the main page of the group, and an optional notification is sent.


VCS pages describe available repostories with the relevant command lines. Group admins can configure commit notifications (for CVS only) and edit descriptions of Git repositories.


Every group can use squads to arrange its members for the purposes of notification, access and item assignments in the trackers. This feature isn't used very actively.

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