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First: don't use the links here for contact about specific projects! If you have a question about using a particular program hosted on Savannah, or bug report for them, please please visit the specific project page (i.e., /projects/projname) to find out the appropriate contact. Savannah administrators generally have no knowledge of specific projects and cannot help with questions about them, so it is a waste of everyone's time to write us.

For general help with using Savannah (not about a specific project hosted here), you can use the savannah-users mailing list.

To report an issue or submit a request about the Savannah infrastructure (once again: not a specific project), the best way is to submit a request to the Savannah administration tracker.

You can also send mail to the savannah-help-public list, after searching the archives.

To report security-related or confidential issues, you can use the savannah-help-private list, which is not publicly archived (unlike all the others here).

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