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recipe #199: Payment negotiation: Suggested procedures

> > Proposal:
> >
> > Shows too non-verified donations. So the webapp will give immediate
> > feedback to who add a donation, even if [s]he is not logged.
> >
> > If it is not verified it will just deleted. So no problem.
> >
> > IMHO, the webapp giving feedback to users is good. When I donate I want
> > to see my donation listed immediately, even if I will verify tomorrow.
> For the user which makes the donation is good to see his not-yet confirmed
> donations as soon as possible, but, what about the rest of users? They
> could see a donation one day and not the next day, because for any reason
> it has not been confirmed.

That is no problem. Note donators who pledge can just cancel at any time
their already-confirmed-donations. They can just log in, go to the 'notices'
menu, list their pledges and cancel one or all of them.

So, say I begin to work out the tasks exposed at the [1] pledge group. They
are $8001 USD! I want such money :-)


However, Dave Crossland decides cancel his pledge. I lose my time. To
mitigate that the GNU Herds project has several options:

1) Force donators to deposit the money in a bank account managed by the
GNU Herds association. So such donations are guaranteed by the GNU Herds

However, that is complex to design, implement and mainly to maintain.

Such task is delayed: You could read the email thread at:

2) Another option: Make it easier the contact between donators and workers.
So, when you add yourself as worker or as donator you see the other
emails, so you can negotiate with donators the way to get the money. For

a) You show the design -> You get 30% of donations.
b) You show an alpha version -> You get another 25%.
c) You show a beta version -> You get another 20%.
d) You show the final version -> You get the final 25%.

Asking for a down payment is risky for donators, due to they are
not sure if they will get some result.

Asking for showing some results first is risky for workers, due
to they are not sure they will get some money.

At my company this is solved writing the functional-requirement
document and signing it with the customer. No more, no less.

If the task is small, you could show it done and you get the 100%
if it is accepted.

Abstract: Workers will have to negotiate it with donators.

Right now GNU Herds do not guarantee workers will get the money or
that donators will get the tasks done.

Reference to the discussion at the development mailing list:

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