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New Binary Distribution

Item posted by Alex Moffat <alexmoffat> on Thu Oct 31 04:33:10 2002.

I've changed the files in the "Files" area to conform to the Savannah standards. I've also included in the "binary" file (xsltxt-bin.jar.gz) all of the code needed to run xsltxt in a standalone mode. This means it includes logj4, xalan, and xerces from the apache project, jdom, and junit code. The jar file is set up with a manifest entry so that typing "java -jar xsltxt-bin.jar foo.txt bar.xml baz.out" will run the txt styler to apply the xsltxt file "foo.txt" to the xml file "bar.xml" producing the output "baz.out". Hopefully this will make it easier for people to experiment with the finished product without having to install a lot of additional libraries.


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