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Plan for develop posted by siggy, Mon 13 May 2002 06:31:02 PM UTC - 0 replies
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Plan for develop

Item posted by Luca Mercuri <siggy> on Mon 13 May 2002 06:31:02 PM UTC.

Version 1.0

- Opt-in / Opt-out support
Confirmation for opt-in and opt-out are supported.

- All sections are password protected
Administration, moderator and subscriber account modification sections are password protected.

- Mail list management
Create infinite mailing lists with different specifications and moderator assigned.
Define custom or specific autoresponders for each mailing lists. You can setup mailing
list as hidden so that it will not be visible to the visitors.

- Subscriber management
Add new subscribers and manage them efficiently. You may tranfer them between groups or
perform other standard processes. Also, you can perform identical record checking to get rid
of the same records.

- Headers and footers
Define and manage headers and footers. While sending email, you can select pre-defined headers
and footers from the list.

- Manage administrator and moderator accounts
You can create and manage both administrator and moderator accounts. You can assign them different
privileges and mail lists (for moderators).

- Archive sent emails
Automaticaly saves sent emails to the archive. By this way, you can track the link click statistics,
rates and review and other statistics about the sent email.

- Send email
With this section, moderators will be able to send emails to their responsible mail lists easily.
All the features in admin section for email sending is included in this section too.

- Advanced subscription page
This is the same as standard subscription page. Addition to this, visitors can select mail list(s).

- Easily integrate into your website design
Is template based. This means that PHP codes and HTML codes are in seperate files and you can edit
HTML templates to change the design according to your website.

Version 2.0

- No time-out on email sending
Send emails to your recipients without no time-out. Click send button and in seconds a message
will be displayed to close your browser. In the background will continue to send email to your recipients.

- MIME support
You can send your emails MIME encoded.

- HTML, Plain text and multipart emails
Send all type of emails: HTML, plain texts and multipart emails. Attach attachments
(no limits) to your emails.

- Scheduled email sending
Define the dateand time to send the emails and will send in the defined date (cron support needed).

- Password remind feature
For moderators and subscribers, password remind feature is included. Login information
is sent via email to the owner.

- Email templates
You can save your emails as templates to this section ad define them to be sent in the future automaticaly.

- Block attachment
Block specific mime type for attachment as global or for specific mail lists.

Version 3.0

- Attachment gallery
You can create and manage your attachment gallery. With this feature, you will not need to upload
the attachments to the server each time you are sending email. Upload and save for the first time
and use it everytime without any time loss.

- AD support
Banners and slogan text support for mail lists.

- Digest support
Digest mail summary sending every week.

- Banned emails and domains
Ban specific emails or domains as global or for specific mail lists.


- Template skin system
Easily change the user interface design of the product by changing HTML files
without any PHP code modification.

- Use PGP key
Use PGP key for sign the newsletter or verify the user of mail lists.

- Moderation
Moderate all messagges for every mail lists.

- Banned emails and domains
Ban specific emails or domains as global or for specific mail lists.

- Advanced statistics
Detailed statistics in three types. Standard, Fact sheet style and graphical representation.

- Online update checking
Check new updates online in seconds!

- Modify account details
Moderator can modify account details easily from moderator section.

- Standard subscription page
With this section, your visitors will unsubscribe without any mail list selection.

- Integrated subscription page
In this section, there are only 4 fields that your visitors must fill in to subscribe.
This section is ideal for inserting into your other web pages.

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