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Download areas

Item posted by James E. Blair <corvus> on Thu 15 Jan 2004 10:15:29 PM UTC.

Files that were in the download areas on Savannah before the
compromise can be downloaded from
We kindly ask project administrators to verify the integrity of those
files and use the following procedure to upload them to the new file
areas on Savannah.

Savannah has a new system to handle uploads of files to the download
area in a secure way. Project administrators are the only ones
allowed to upload files at this time.

To begin, please add your GPG key by logging in to Savannah and
visiting one of the following URLs:

Within 2 hours the system should have updated the files necessary for

After that time, use the following procedure to upload files:

For each upload destined for Savannah, two files need to be
uploaded via ftp to the site.

(1) File to distributed (eg. foo.tar.gz)

(2) Detached GPG binary signature for (1) (using gpg -b)
(eg. foo.tar.gz.sig)

The files should be uploaded via anonymous ftp to
and placed in the /incoming/savannah/<projectname> directory. For
example, to place foo.tar.gz in project bar's download area, upload
foo.tar.gz and foo.tar.gz.sig to:

Uploads are processed every five minutes. Uploads that are in
progress when the upload processing script is running are handled
properly, so do not worry about the timing of your upload.

Currently there is no easy way to manipulate (move, rename, delete, or
work in subdirectories) with the new system. If you are an
experienced PHP programmer and would like to help add this
functionality, please contact us.

If you have questions about this process, please contact us at

Thank you for your patience.

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