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flvstreamer 2.1c released
     posted by fsck, Thu Feb 11 22:29:00 2010 - 0 replies

A new version of flvstreamer has been released. It is a re-fork of rtmpdump-2.1c (svn rev 247).

Notable features and fixes are as follows:

- Fixed issues with RTMP unpause/resume where file write offset was incorrect which lead to corrupted downloads.

flvstreamer 2.1a released
     posted by fsck, Sun Jan 3 13:03:01 2010 - 0 replies

A new version of flvstreamer has been released. It is a re-fork of rtmpdump-2.1a with a few tweaks. This release should build cleanly on many platforms.

Notable features and fixes are as follows:

- fix socket receive timeouts for WIN32(MinGW builds) a.k.a.the notorious 'recv 10060' error. ...

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Major New Release of flvstreamer v1.9
     posted by fsck, Sat Nov 14 12:51:43 2009 - 4 replies

A major new version of flvstreamer was released today. It is a re-fork of rtmpdump-1.9. All the changes from flvstreamer were merged into rtmpdump + loads of improvements and fixes were added by the rtmpdump maintainers.

Notable features and fixes are as follows: ...

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flvstreamer 1.8f release
     posted by fsck, Tue Jul 28 15:39:19 2009 - 2 replies

flvstreamer v1.8f has been released. Here is the list of changes:

- Added endian detection for PPC MacOSX in bytes.h

- New MakefileOSX which will create universal binaries for Mac (intel and PPC)

- Don't treat notify packets as media packets ...

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flvstreamer 1.8d released. 'streams' utility now ported.
     posted by fsck, Fri Jul 10 20:51:23 2009 - 0 replies

A new minor release of flvstreamer has been released today.

1.8d change Summary (since 1.8b):

flvstreamer will now display useful FLV stream meta-data when it starts to stream.

The 'streams' utility which allows you to point an http client to stream rtmp now compiles cleanly on Linux and probably on most unix OSes (but not on win32). ...

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flvstreamer 1.8b bugfix release
     posted by fsck, Mon Jul 6 14:20:58 2009 - 0 replies

Binary releases will appear over the next 24 hrs.


- Exit codes now reflect success of download.

- non-zero exit code for incomplete downloads even if stream duration is unknown.

- Slight changes in reporting messages.

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