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drivers in alsa-driver
     posted by vizard, Sun Oct 19 07:06:10 2003 - 2 replies

The drivers have now been merged into alsa-driver and are available in the newest release.

Hardware Equalizer
     posted by vizard, Fri Jul 4 01:32:17 2003 - 1 reply

Working hw eq support has hit the cvs thanks to Manuel.

     posted by vizard, Mon May 5 22:24:15 2003 - 0 replies

Thanks to Pontus Fuchs alsa driver now supports the au8810.

alsa and solaris drivers
     posted by vizard, Wed Apr 16 00:18:51 2003 - 0 replies

An alsa driver written by Manuel Jander supporting au8820 with initial support for the au8830 has been added to cvs. Additionally, the beginings of a solaris driver by Phil Jensen have been added as well.

     posted by vizard, Fri Feb 21 13:24:57 2003 - 1 reply

Thanks to Manuel Jander there is now support for au8820 in the CVS. Additionally Manuel has figured out much of the mixer/src/routing so now that driver also has sample rate conversion. If all works out well, it will be coming to the au8830 driver soon.

More improvements
     posted by vizard, Wed Sep 25 17:18:02 2002 - 2 replies

I have done some general cleanups, including beginging to split things off into seperate files. In addition buffer now works well except for the fact that the buffer is only 4k. Stereo also works, however mono is likely broken.

Buffering Improvements
     posted by vizard, Sat Aug 31 02:03:27 2002 - 0 replies

The new au8830 driver now reads the bytes played from the card semi-properly. As far as I can tell this eliminates the noise that was occuring

Au8830 Buffering
     posted by vizard, Thu Apr 18 01:10:00 2002 - 0 replies

The au8830 driver now has some sane buffering code, making the driver nearly usable for simple things.

Au8830 Playback
     posted by vizard, Sat Apr 6 02:51:32 2002 - 0 replies

I have successfully achieved playback using a completely rewritten driver for au8830 series of chips. There are still many more bugs, but progress is being made.

CVS Import
     posted by vizard, Wed Feb 20 02:59:09 2002 - 0 replies

sources for the binary and reverse engineering information/documentation have finally been importated into the cvs

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