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Removing rough edges from logging
     posted by alexmoffat, Tue 21 May 2002 01:29:14 AM UTC - 0 replies

Just some minor bug fixes and changes in the area of logging and moving forwards and backwards by method. Behavior should now be more in accordance with what you would expect to happen.

Improved logging support
     posted by alexmoffat, Mon 08 Apr 2002 01:06:01 AM UTC - 0 replies

Expanded from just supporting log4j to a more flexible system that can support other logging packages. Currently has support for log4j and using System.out.println.

better javadoc handling
     posted by alexmoffat, Mon 25 Mar 2002 03:37:11 AM UTC - 0 replies

The javadoc insert function now takes account of any existing javadoc for a method when inserting. It is able to preserve the overall description and any descriptions for parameters and return values. Any other javadoc tags in the exsiting javadoc are placed in the new javadoc at the location defined in the Sun description at

yet more compiler stuff
     posted by alexmoffat, Thu 14 Mar 2002 04:01:09 AM UTC - 0 replies

Starting to work quite well, at least for me :) I'm finding the jx-compile command is a timesaver. However, I need to provide some sort of easy access to it from the standard compile. How do you show that "new" commands are available when people invoke "old" ones? Some thinking required.

added some compile support
     posted by alexmoffat, Sat 09 Mar 2002 04:46:49 AM UTC - 0 replies

Added jx-compile.el that provides a jx-compile command. I wasn't able to advise the usual compile as I wanted to gather some arguments myself. This is the initial checkin so is likely to have some problems. Should improve compiling with ant and shouldn't hinder compiling with make.

started info documentation
     posted by alexmoffat, Mon 04 Mar 2002 03:16:25 AM UTC - 0 replies

I've made the first steps towards having some documentation to go with this mode. It's checked in and is available in the .tgz file. You can also read it here

incremental search by method name
     posted by alexmoffat, Fri 01 Mar 2002 04:10:23 AM UTC - 0 replies

Incremental search by method name is now implemented. By default it is bound to M-s for forward and M-r for backward. More info at

template functions available
     posted by alexmoffat, Mon 25 Feb 2002 02:32:20 AM UTC - 0 replies

jxminor now includes some basic templating functions. While editing a java file the current region can be converted into a "template". The template lets you replace static text with variables or elisp code. You can then insert the template and you will be prompted for the values to use for the variables.

bug fixes, new download
     posted by alexmoffat, Thu 21 Feb 2002 03:07:19 AM UTC - 0 replies

I fixed a couple of bugs and produces a new tar file for the download area.

Initial, and working, code checked in.
     posted by alexmoffat, Wed 20 Feb 2002 02:53:16 AM UTC - 0 replies

The current set of files, which provide a working java-extras-mode for emacs, have now been checked into cvs. I've also put a tar file in the download area. To use just untar to create a jxminor directory and look at the instructions in jx-mode.el to set it up.

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