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MudGnome 0.2 Released!
     posted by urilith, Wed 26 Feb 2003 01:41:41 AM UTC - 0 replies

On February 25th, 2003, MudGnome version 0.2 was released. This version is fairly stable, however, generates a lot of compile-time warnings at the moment. These can be safely ignored. Work has begun on 0.3 (CVS only) and 0.4 should be released within a month. There is a lot of things planned for 0.4, so keep an eye out ;).

Mike Tindal

MudGnome Language Conversion
     posted by urilith, Thu 13 Feb 2003 02:56:35 AM UTC - 0 replies

After realizing the way I think, MudGnome has changed from using gtkmm/gnomemm and C++ to using the normal GTK+/GNOME libraries and plain ol' C. 0.1cvs should be out by the end of next week. This release is just a proof of concept release. Character database creation and maintenence using libgda, and the ability to connect to a MUD. This version will not support color. Color support (ANSI) will be added for 0.2.0cvs. Color support (RIP/other protocols) will be added for 0.2.1cvs.

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