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New functionality added
     posted by lg, Mon 25 Aug 2003 05:11:59 AM UTC

Recently a commited changes to xwem and xlib, new functionality was added:

  • Window exepectances - XWEM's window can wait for certain client to manage it.
  • Tabbing - Modern stuff.
  • Embedded frames - Frame can be handled as client.
  • SBS Splits - Another way to create frames.
  • Freams linkaging - You may create group of frames.
  • KBD macros recording/playing - Make your work efficiently.
  • Requests sequencing (xlib) - Now you know for which request event or error arrived.
system tray support added.
     posted by lg, Mon 07 Jul 2003 02:59:00 PM UTC

I've just done system tray support in xwem. It uses extended XEMBED protocol which allows any dock in tray to run Emacs Lisp. xwem-minibuffer is used as system tray, so screen does not lost any area. I also included few examples in C, which shows you how to use xwem-tray. They taken from matchbox project and moddified a little. There is screenshot of it -

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