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Schemix 2.4.20 released

Item posted by Dr William Bland <quacker> on Sun 27 Apr 2003 01:17:06 PM UTC.

I am pleased to announce the release of Schemix version 2.4.20.
Schemix is a Scheme system, implemented as a patch to the Linux
kernel. It aims to attain R5RS compliance while remaining small,
fast and easy to understand.  Schemix is released under the GPL.
The intended use of Schemix is for exploration of the Linux
kernel and for rapid, interactive prototyping of Linux drivers
and other new kernel features. To achieve this, Schemix
attempts to make a large subset of kernel functionality
available to Scheme programs. Interactivity is via a character
device, /dev/schemix which presents a REPL (Read, Eval, Print
Loop) to anyone having access to the device.
Schemix is based on a stripped-down and modified version of
TinyScheme. Currently the system can be successfully compiled
into a 2.4.20 kernel, which then reads and executes Scheme code
from /dev/schemix. Any output is written to /dev/schemix.
Please read the issues.txt file before thinking that Schemix
will instantly give you a Lisp Machine.  It won't (yet - maybe
next release!).
More information on Schemix can be found at:        (home page)   (Savannah project page) (Savannah mailing list)

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