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Riece 1.0.8 released

Item posted by Daiki Ueno <ueno> on Sun 06 Mar 2005 01:32:40 AM UTC.

Riece 1.0.8 is now available from:

** Mitigate file locking scheme of riece-log. (ueno)

** Format idle seconds in human readable form. (ueno)

** Separate riece-obarray into riece-channel-obarray and
   riece-user-obarray. (kaoru)

** Fixed bugs caused by mishandling of channel names (which should be
   case insensitive.) (ueno)

** Support SXEmacs version names. (Steve Youngs)

** Support CTCP TIME. (Steve Youngs)

** Ignore directories under ~/.riece/addons. (kaoru)

** Fixed wrong-number-of-arguments error on riece-command-part. (yoichi)

** Fixed a bug which assumes existence of ~/.riece/addons when
   startup. (ueno)

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