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G-Wrap 1.9.15 released

Item posted by David Pirotte <daviid> on Wed 22 Jul 2015 07:10:24 PM UTC.

We are pleased to announce G-Wrap 1.9.15, the next maintenance release
for the 1.9 series.

Changes since 1.9.14:

        -] G-Wrap now requires Guile 2.0, allows Guile 2.2;
        -] Requires autoconf >= 2.61, automake >= 1.12, adding /build-aux
        -] We no longer update Changelog, see G-Wrap's git logs instead
        -] No free/mark on WCT objects, and remove use of scm_gc_free
        -] Use scm_module_variable instead of the deprecated scm_sym2var
        -] The documentation has been restructured, updated and fixed to work with
            texinfo >= 5.2; Removing doc/version.texi - it is generated/updated

See the original announcement for details.

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