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Georg Christof Florian Greve
born 10.3.1973 in Helgoland, Germany


June 1992
Abitur at the humanistic Gymnasium Christianeum, Hamburg, Germany

October 1992 - January 2001
Physics-studies at the University of Hamburg, Germany
Diploma thesis: "Systematische Problemanalyse der Bildgebung in der
Rastersondenmikroskopie (SXM) und anwendungsorientierte Analyse der
Anforderungen an die digitale Verarbeitung von SXM-Bildern"

Civil engagement:

March 1992 - March 1999
Technisches Hilfswerk (THW) in Hamburg, Germany


German native speaker.
English near-native speaker.

Travel experience:

Europe and U.S.A (U.S. greencard since 1999)

Professional background:

since 1985
First steps with Schneider CPC 464 in BASIC and Assembler

since 1989
Assembler-programming on ATARI ST

March 1992
Publication of "Drive B Simulator" (written in Assembler on
Atari ST) in TOS Magazine, Germany.

since 1993
C/C++ development on GNU/Linux

May 1996 - October 1998
Development of data-processing software with GUI for MEG data in
C/C++ under GNU/Linux and Solaris at the Physiological Institute,
University Hospital Eppendorf, University of Hamburg, Germany

June 1998
GNU Xlogmaster

since 1999
Author of the Brave GNU World, the monthly GNU forum in German,
English, French, Japanese, Spanish and Korean. Published in
Linux-Magazin Germany, Linux-Magazine France, Linux-Magazine U.K. and
Linux-Magazine Korea.

January 2000
Conception & launch of GNU AWACS

June 2000 - January 2001
Employed by ID-PRO, Germany for development of GNU AWACS and work
for the GNU-Project

since March 2001
President of the Free Software Foundation Europe

Computer skills:

Profound knowledge of C/C++ programming, Shellscripting (BASH) and
Unix systems. Has worked on GNU/Linux, Solaris, AIX. Some knowledge
of LISP (EMACS), Perl, SQL, UML, Java, XML, HTML, XHTML. Experienced
at system installation and maintenance.


since 1992
Member of the Hanse e.V., dedicated to the computer literacy of the

since 1999
GNU-Project, European Speaker

since 2001
Free Software Foundation Europe, Initiator & President

Publications, Presentations:

December 1998
"History and Philosophy of the GNU Project" - speech at the 512-node
GNU/Linux Cluster "CLOWN" in Paderborn, Germany

since 1999
Monthly issues of Georg's Brave GNU World in English, German,
French, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. Printed in various magazines
and mirrored in several places throughout the web

February 2000
"Practical aspects of the GNU Project" - speech at the Linux Expo &
Linux World in Paris, France

January 2001
Interdisciplinary Physics diploma thesis with Computer Science in
the SXM/nanoscience area; title: "Systematische Problemanalyse der
Bildgebung in der Rastersondenmikroskopie (SXM) und
anwendungsorientierte Analyse der Anforderungen an die digitale
Verarbeitung von SXM-Bildern"

Various speeches at conferences like "Systems" 1999 & 2000 or LinuxTag

Current projects:

Organizator of the Free Software Foundation Europe, the acknowledged
sister-organization of the FSF founded by Richard M. Stallman in 1984.

The software-projects GNU AWACS and MIOM.

Personal interests:

Sport: asian martial arts since 1983. Practicioner of Aikido since 1999.
Hobbies: reading, arts, cooking, motorcycle-riding


Skill Level Experience

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