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I have been working for free software for about 4-5 years, mainly working for the Debian( project but also contributing to other projects (freeradius and Nessus come to mind). I currently maintain quite a number of Debian packages and make translations to Spanish, provide internationalization support for the distribution as well as some major documentation at the
Debian Documentation Project (DDP Including the Securing Debian Manual (

Since my professional career has shifted towards the information security area (I have been working in two spanish companies that provide professional services). My interest has shifted from internationalization and translation towards security. The main projects I'm trying to work now are Tiger (, Nessus ( and Bastille ( (in that order, but sometimes shifts depending on my interests at the moment).

In any case since I have been for three years the coordinator of the translation to Spanish of the Debian website I still co-coordinate it nowadays. I'm still trying to drive the effort of translating Debian into spanish (not just documentation) although the core of the work is done by other teams.


Skill Level Experience
Flex Base Knowledge < 6 Months
Autoconf Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
C++ Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
SQL Master 6 Mo - 2 yr
SNMP Master Apprentice 6 Mo - 2 yr
Bind Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
C Good Knowledge 2 yr - 5 yr
Firewall Master 2 yr - 5 yr
CVS Master 2 yr - 5 yr
LaTeX Master 2 yr - 5 yr
PERL Expert 2 yr - 5 yr
SGML Expert 2 yr - 5 yr
HTML Expert 5 yr - 10 yr
CGI Expert 5 yr - 10 yr
Shell Master 5 yr - 10 yr

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