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test that it compiles and runs under MacOsX for Ensemblist

Category: Developer
Submitted By: rixed
Date: Tue 11 Mar 2003 11:24:29 PM UTC
Status: Open

This project is not part of the GNU Project.

Ensemblist is a 3d puzzle game in wich you have to build given shapes out of simple geometric primitives using constructive solid geometry (CSG).

By manipulating the position/orientation of the primitives, and the boolean operators, you must build a CSG "expression" that match a given solution, only by seeing the resulting shape of this solution.
You can also edit your own levels and share them with other players.
This is the only game I know of that use realtime rendering of CSG with openGl.
The game is functionnal, but I believe a lot of things can be done better.
The game runs natively under GNU/Linux and was ported to windows. It should works on MacOsX also, although I didn't tested it.
Musics are old MODs done by a friend.
Every additions are welcome.

License GNU General Public License v2 or later

Development Status
: 5 - Production/Stable

Details (job description, contact ...):

Your mission will be to test the makefile in a MacOsX environment and adapt it untill it works, or report any constraints that make the game to not work under this OS.

Required Skills:

Skill Level Experience
C Base Knowledge < 6 Months
OpenGL Base Knowledge < 6 Months

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