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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

AlcoveBook is a strict subset of the DocBook DTD. The ultimate goal is to provide a series of DTDs for enterprise use: commercial proposal, whitepaper, etc., as well as dedicated stylesheets, and tools to easily use the whole.
It also provides generic stylesheets useful with DocBook itself.

Registration Date: Wed Oct 17 13:56:43 2001
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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sgml2x 1.0.0 !
     posted by ydirson, Sat May 10 07:30:34 2003 - 0 replies

At last sgml2x 1.0.0 gets released !

    • Changes visible to the user:
      • a new --dssslproc option was added as a better synonym for

--jade, now deprecated.

      • manpages were added for the runjade and rlatex commands.
sgml2x 0.99.10
     posted by ydirson, Wed Apr 23 13:37:27 2003 - 0 replies

Bugfix release for 0.99.9, which broke "--syle local=..."

sgml2x 0.99.9
     posted by ydirson, Mon Apr 7 14:22:52 2003 - 0 replies

This is hopefully the last release-candidate for 1.0. It mostly fixes inclusion of entities with a relative path when converting to HTML, and parsing of the --style option is now more robust.

sgml2x 0.99.8
     posted by ydirson, Fri Mar 28 17:37:23 2003 - 0 replies

This release only includes a handful of minor bugfixes. We've never been so close to the 1.0 release :)

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