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 Three port thevenin bipolar transistor  . This is a simplified T , with high frequency ( I AM SURE I SAID VOLTAGE CONTROLLED CAPACITOR NETWORK B.S.J.W.S) modification and thermal mu . It is a Thevenin model ( Voltage network) and has reference output of H parameters for those used to the Norton ( Current network)  transistor models .

 As this model is a simplified T , with high frequency modification (VOLTAGE CONTROLLED CAPACITOR NETWORK B.S.J.W.S)  and thermal mu ; it fully accepts traditional Norton type , Mu Pi model parameters as outlined in the majority of manufacturers data sheets .
It requires very little mathematics to generate the characteristic .
 Just a good knowledge of ohms law , a standard reverse dc(PULSE MODE B.S.J.W.S) beta curve and a working knowledge of the bipolar ; it also needs the T to be crossed with a reverse off characteristic to generate the emitter resistor . That covers the difficult bit , apart from a standard set of manufacturers data sheets for the forwards data . At present please contact me if you have any problems .
 This model is submitted to the general wheel , following some un-helpful suggestions from some other spice model purveyors , Xspice , (no insult intended to the university of ? tech college ? I think they meant me ).
  I would welcome comment upon the characteristic file , as it stands at present for optimisation , and modular attachment instructions for code which will accept my Artistic License.
          The operational model is available on at present , until I sort out where I am going wrong , with the staff at GNU too ! . It has been checked for both 32 and 64 bit architectures and is marked as alpha as the code contains no circuit analysis package modular interface . However it is fully checkable by hand , and comes with a twenty percent accurate characteristic (I DON'T THINK I SAID THAT QUITE B.S.J.W.S) for a common small signal type transistor.

Registration Date: Thu 09 Oct 2008 06:06:35 AM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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